Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Let's Have a Giveaway!

Thank you very much for entering the giveaway of Smell My Feet!  And the winners are...

Morgan Nyberg @MorganNyberg
Crystal Marcos @CrystalMarcos
Jeff Whelan @spaceorville

Congrats to our three winners!  Sorry, nose plugs are not included!

Smell My Feet! 10 Seriously Silly and Sweet Short Stories for Squirts will be released on Friday, May 11, 2012.  (Shhh, don't tell anyone but you can get it on Amazon right now.  What am I saying?!  Tell everyone!)  So what do you say we have ourselves a giveaway?

First, a little bit about the book...

Smell My Feet! is a collection of eight short stories I had written for this blog, and two brand new ones.  Some were inspired by family and friends or true events and others were sparked by writing prompts I found here or there, from this group or that.

The eight stories that were posted here beginning in October 2011 have been viewed a total of over 850 times.  I thought it was time to release them into the wild so that others, who don't yet know about this blog, can enjoy them, too.

An angel, a hero, and a cute dog named Charlie are just a few of the characters in this book of silly and sweet short stories for kids.

Don't be surprised if you recognize yourself, a funny uncle, or a friend in one of the characters.

Boys and girls ages 7-10 will enjoy reading on their own or get everyone together for read-aloud fun!

Smell My Feet! 10 Seriously Silly and Sweet Short Stories for Squirts
     An Angel Without Wings 
     A Hero at the Beach
     The Man on the Bench
     The Purplest Day Ever
     Charlie's Search
     The Disappearing Doughnut Dilemma
     The Puzzling Mystery of Lulu and D
     The Book Party (or, Has Mr. Humbleheart Lost his Mind?)
     Smell My Feet!

I guess we have to have rules:

Three (3) lucky winners will each receive one (1) copy of Smell My Feet! for the Kindle.

Three (3) ways to enter:

1.  Post a comment below.  It would be fun if you described the smelliest smell you have ever smelled (but you don't have to).  Please include your Twitter handle or Facebook page, or end an email with the subject "Smell My Feet! Giveway" to: smellmyfeet@readtomepublishingllc.com.  I will contact the winners by Twitter, Facebook or email.

(NOTE:  This is a family blog.  Comments deemed offensive will be removed and will not be entered into the giveaway.)

2.  Follow @SmellMyFeetBook on Twitter.  If I catch you tweeting or retweeting about the giveaway you'll get an additional entry!  Be sure I catch you by including @SmellMyFeetBook in your tweets! 

3.  "Like" the Read To Me Publishing, LLC Facebook page.  If I catch you sharing a post about the giveaway or tagging the my page, you'll get an additional entry!

Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm EDT, Friday, May 18, 2012.

Winners will be announced on this blog and will be notified via email, Twitter or Facebook as soon as possible after the entry deadline. 

Winners must respond to my Twitter, Facebook or email notification with the appropriate information by Friday, May 25th at 11:59 pm EDT in order to receive the Kindle book.  If a response is not received by that time, a new winner will be chosen.

Okay, I think that's it.  Thanks for stopping by and GOOD LUCK!

Until next time... stay cool!



  1. I think maybe, grass and mud after playing in mud puddles. That can make for some pretty smelly feet.

    1. Having raised two boys I know exactly what that smells like. So much fun to stick your feet in cool mud on hot summer days. So messy, too!

      Thanks for stopping by, Lynn. You are now entered into the giveaway. Good luck!

  2. A wet dog, rotten fish, a green filled nappie and public toilets - ooh, what a pong! @starjewelz

    1. Oh, Julie, gross, gross, gross! Thanks for turning my stomach! :P

      Still glad you stopped by. You are entered in the giveaway. Good luck!

  3. I bought my youngest son Shaun some wonderful Wal-Mart tennis shoes. Money was a little tight and I didn't see the harm. My dad took us all on a trip to San Antonio to Sea World and Fiesta Texas. The drive would only be four short hours from Dallas until Shawn took his shoes off. I can't even begin to descirbe the smell but it was so overwhelming, dad had to roll all the windows down for the next few hours. Think the outside temp was 95. I have worked in rotten soil, treatment plants and men covered in sweat and deisel fuel. The odor that permeated from Shawn's feet is still undescribable. Feed lots smelled better then his feet. Those shoes never made it back to Dallas.
    twitter jeffdawson59

    1. Oh, no, Jeff! I think we may have had that same pair of shoes in our house... or maybe it has something to do with boy feet! :)

      I think you'll enjoy Smell My Feet! one of the ten stories in the book! You are now entered in the giveaway. Good luck. And thank you for downloading A Reel Cool Summer and reviewing it. I'm so happy that your granddaughter liked it!

  4. Sounds like a great book!
    Hmm.. the smelliest smell... I have two boys, so there's always lovely smells around me! I have to say, honestly, smelly feet is a bad smell.. there's nothing like walking into my oldest's room and searching for a smell, only to find old food under (or sometimes in) his bed! He's such a typical "teenage boy slob"!! Sad thing is, he's only 10!
    I shared this on my facebook http://www.facebook.com/StephanieElrodGreen/posts/355212124533762
    and my twitter https://twitter.com/#!/Stephsgrn/status/202781771287375875
    I was already a follower of your blog!
    My twitter is @Stephsgrn, email: stephsgrn@gmail.com

    1. Now that my stomach has stopped turning... thanks for stopping by! You are now entered in the giveaway! Good luck!

      I recently had a school visit to talk to the students about writing and the librarian told me that one time she found an old sandwich in the stacks. We got to talk about what that sandwich might have looked and smelled like. The kids used some great adjectives! So much fun!!

  5. smelliest thing eh?? My daughters pup rolled in a dead animal once- I gave him away.

    1. Oh my goodness! Did you give away the pup or the dead animal? :P

      Thanks for entering the giveaway! Good luck!

  6. I missed the giveaway- but congrats to the winners. This book sounds fun and entertaining. :) I love the title.