Thursday, March 12, 2015

100 Days 'til Summer - The Countdown Begins!

Winter has gone on long enough, so forget spring!  We want to go straight to summer!   

We can't wait to feel the warm sun on our faces, scrunch our toes in the sand, feel the cool grass under our feet, swim in the ocean, jump in the lake, catch fireflies, chase frogs, and have ice cream run down our chins.  

Baseball, barbeques and bicycle rides are just around the corner, but summer still seems just out of our reach.  

What can we do to make summer get here faster?  Use our brains and have (parent- and teacher-approved) fun in the process!  Let's get those creative juices flowing to finish out the school year strong.  Brains need exercise, too!  And we're about to take our brains to the gym... the brain gym, that is!

How are we going to exercise our brains, you ask?  You did ask, didn't you?

Here's how.  Beginning today, Friday, March 13th (insert scary music here!) we're going to take pictures, share stories, have fun days and play games.  I want to know what you're up to as we count down to the longest day of the year, June 21st.

What can you expect?  Fun writing prompts, silly scripts, picture scavenger hunts and goofy holidays.  Help us celebrate summer's arrival by following along and posting on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or here on my blog, and visiting my website.  When possible use the hashtag #100DaysTilSummer. 

I promise you there will be something new and silly and fun to do every single day, and before you know  it, summer will be here!  

Oh, I almost forgot.  I have a surprise for you!  

June 21st is not only the first day of summer, it's also a special birthday -- for my picture book A Reel Cool Summer, so I'm giving away one paperback copy every day for those hundred days (US addresses only).  Or, if you're a bit too old for picture books and you have a Kindle, I'll send you an electronic copy (.mobi file) of Smell My Feet! 10 Seriously Silly and Sweet Short Stories for Squirts or What About Barnaby? A Gumshoe Crew Mystery by email.

Scroll down for giveaway entry form and to follow our 100 Days 'til Summer countdown fun!


I hope you're as excited as I am to use our brains for fun, which will keep them healthy for all that learning that's still to be done in school.

Let the 100 Days 'til Summer countdown begin!

And as always... stay cool!

Day 100:  March 13th
Today is Friday the 13th, but not even a black cat, scary horror movie music, blood-curdling screams or creepy shadows can stop us from having fun.
1.  Write about that time you saved your best friend from the worst Friday the 13th mayhem.
2.  Look up the words triskadekaphobia and paraskevidekatriaphobic.
3.  Picture scavenger hunt!  Take a picture of something related to Friday the 13th or join us in the countdown with a picture of a 100 (find one or make one out of stuff around your house).

Day 99:  March 14th
It's National Pi Day, but we prefer National Pie Day!  And it's also National Potato Chip Day!  I think we'll need to throw a vegetable in there it's parent approved, of course!
1.  Describe your favorite pie or potato chip flavor.  It's much more fun if you make one up and tell us why it's your favorite.
2.  Take a picture of a pie, or 99 pies, or just your face full of pie, or a potato chip that looks like something or reminds you of someone.  Potato chips have a lot of personality, you just have to look to find it, and preferably before you put it in your mouth!

Day 98:  March 15th
It's Incredible Kid Day!  We know you're out there and we want to hear from you. 
1.  Write about why you are so incredible.  Do you have a superpower?  Are you triple-jointed?  Or, perhaps you can talk to squirrels?
2.  Share a picture of yourself or another incredible kid and tell us about him or her.
3.  Today Jacqui from my book A Reel Cool Summer has a birthday.  Who do you know with a birthday today?

Day 97:  March 16th
It's Panda Day!  This has got to be one of the cutest days of the year!
1.  Write about why you would be a good Panda.  Do you have extra awesome rolling-around-like-a-ball-all-day skills.  Maybe you're just super lazy and like to hand out in a tree.  Or tell us what you think it would be like to have a Panda for a pet.
2.  Look up the word Pandemonium.
3.  Check out the PandaCam at the National Zoo to see what the Bao Bao the Panda is up to today.

Day 96:  March 17th
Today is St. Patrick's Day!  Remember to wear your green!  You don't want to get pinched!
1.  When we think of this day we think of luck and four leaf clovers.  When was your luckiest day ever?  Tell us your story or make one up.  Or tell us how you met a lucky leprechaun and what you did for fun.
2.  Are you going to a St. Patrick's Day parade?  Take a photo and share it.  Or, let us see how you became Irish today by wearing green.

Day 95:  March 18th
Oh boy, this is awkward.  Guess what today is.  National Awkward Moments Day!  We've all had them, especially in school!  Like that time you told your teacher that your goldfish ate your homework... AWKWARD!  Or that time when your school librarian turned 50 and you told him he didn't look a day over 70... AWKWARD!
1.  Write a story about the most awkward moment in your life or when you felt bad about another person's awkward moment.  There's nothing wrong with using your imagination to make up the most awkward moment.  Try that!
2.  Say the word awkward 3 times fast.  Awkward, isn't it?  Now try saying it 5 or 10 times in a row.  I have the giggles already!

Day 94:  March 19th
Are you a tee-hee-hee-er or a Bwa-ha-ha-er?  Either way, do your thing today.  It's Let's Laugh Day!  Make a silly face, do your craziest dance, tell your best joke.
1.  Our writing prompt for today is a MadLib-style story.  Grab a piece of paper and a pen or your computer.  Make a list like the one below and fill in each blank with the word indicated.  (Moms and dads may need to help with some of the words.)  Then, scroll way, way down to the very end of this post.  Use the words you've selected to plug into the paragraph.  NO PEEKING UNTIL YOU'VE FILLED IN ALL THE BLANKS UP HERE!  Now use the completed story as your writing prompt.  Add details to each paragraph to make the story come to life as only you can.  The sillier the better!

  1.  Past tense verb __________

  2.  Animal __________
  3.  Vegetable __________
  4.  Adjective __________
  5.  Noun __________
  6.  Color __________
  7.  Noun __________
  8.  Girl's name that starts with the letter A __________
  9.  Boy's name that starts with the letter N __________
10.  Planet __________
11.  Adjective __________
12.  Food __________
13.  Shape __________
14.  Plural noun __________
15.  Noun __________
16.  Past tense verb __________
17.  Adjective __________
18.  Fruit __________
19.  Adjective __________

Day 93:  March 20th
It's Extraterrestrial Abduction Day!  Wait!  Is that a good thing or a bad one?  Well it could be interesting to write about.
1.  Write a story about being abducted by aliens.  They can't all be bad, right?  Be sure to use lots of details when describing your aliens, their spaceship or the planet they take you to.  Or maybe it's more fun to write from the alien's point of view.  What do we look like to them?  What do they think about Earth, or our spaceships?  Mmmmmmmm.
2.  Draw an extraterrestrial or dress up like one.  We'd love to see that!

Day 92:  March 21st
It's Maple Syrup Saturday! I started my day with homemade waffles and delicious syrup.  Do you like waffles or pancakes with syrup?  What else do you put on them?
1.  Tell us about your ideal pancake or waffle.  Some of us like chocolate chips and some like them plain.  Or just make up the craziest pancake or waffle you can think of.  Or the craziest flavored syrup you think you might like to taste.  It might not be a good idea to actually eat it but it can be fun to imagine it!
2.  Where does syrup comes from?  For most of us it's the grocery store.  Find out where syrup really starts and how it gets to your table.

Day 91:  March 22nd
It's National Goof Off Day!  Wow, what a perfect day to just hang out with friends, be super goofy and just all-around silly.
1.  What is your favorite thing to do when you goof off?  Plop on the couch and watch a favorite TV show or movie, sit in the sun and read a book, invent a silly sport to play with your friends?  Write about it or make up the goofiest way you can think of to goof off!
2.  Take a picture or draw a picture of yourself with your goofiest face!  Or have a contest with your friends for the goofiest face in the world!

Day 90:  March 23rd
It's National Puppy Day!  Aw, how sweet is that?  Our favorite pup was Pickles.  She was cute, sweet, silly and had a sassy little butt!  She's in doggy heaven now watching over us, but we'll never forgot how happy she always made us.  Do you have a special pup in your life?
1.  Write about your special pup.  If you don't have one, write about why you'd like to have one (sorry Moms and Dads) and what kind you'd like to have.  Or just write about your favorite pet or what kind you'd like to have.  A snake perhaps?  Or a dinosaur?!  Hey, what if you were the pet and the animal was your master.  What a crazy story that would be.  Now, go write it!
2.  Take a picture with your pet or draw a picture of yourself with your favorite animal.

Day 89:  March 24th
So, today was going to be National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day, but it's turned into I'm Running Late Day for me!  So much to do and so very little time!
1.  Let's write about being late today.  Maybe something bad happened when you were late, like you missed a walrus balancing a seal, balancing a puppy, balancing a ball on their noses.  I would have been upset to miss that!  Or maybe the opposite happened, maybe being late meant that you got the last raffle ticket and you won a shiny new bike.  Tell us your real or made-up story.  Either way, we know we'll love it!
2.  What do you look like when you're late?  Is your hair sticking up because you woke up late?  Are you're eyes popping out because you know mon or dad are going to wag their finger at you.  Take of picture or draw a picture of your late face!

Day 88:  March 25th
Today is another cute day.  It's Manatee Appreciation Day!  I used to live in Florida, where there are many manatees.  They are chubby and cute and move really slowly through the water.
1.  Find a book about manatees in your library or learn about manatees on-line on the National Geographic website here.
2.  Pretend you're a manatee.  What do you think you'd do all day.  What fun things would you do with your friends.  How do you think humans and other aquatic creatures would look like to you.  Would they be your friends?  Become a manatee today!

Day 87:  March 26th
It's Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!  I wish I had made that up, but I can't take the credit.
1.  This writing prompt is too easy.  You decide what you want to celebrate today.  I want to know all the details about this special day and how you celebrate it.  Do you have to wear a special hat or socks to celebrate your own holiday?  Is there a song or dance you have to sing or do?  What foods are eaten on your holiday and what decorations do you use?  Be as silly or as serious as you want, after all, it's your own holiday!

Day 86:  March 27th
Is your name Joe?  No?  Well it is today.  It's National Joe Day! 
1.  Imagine how your life would be if you were a Joe or Josephine.  Would you be an "average Joe" or a "Joe Cool"?  Maybe Joe is your spy name?  Tell us the story of you, Joe!
2.  If your name is Joe, what about changing it for the day?  How would your friends react?  Would you feel any different?  Tell us the story of un-Joe.
3.  Did you know that coffee is sometimes called Joe and other weird names?  See if you can find out why.  Ask your teacher or parent or look it up!

Day 85:  March 28th
It's Something on a Stick Day!  That's a weird holiday, but weird is fun to write about.
1.  What do you think would be the silliest thing to eat on a stick.  Spaghetti on a stick?  Is that even possible?  What about milk on a stick?  That's just crazy!!  Write you're wackiest story.
2.  Draw a whole meal on a stick.  I'm sure each of you will draw a one-of-a-king masterpiece!

Day 84:  March 29th
Smoke and Mirrors Day is here!  What does that mean?  It means we're all magicians!
1.  Your a magician on the big stage.  What trick would you perform?  Would you make your homework disappear?  Or make a big chocolate cake appear?  Wow us with your magic trick!
2.  Check out the magic tricks here!

Day 83:  March 30th
Today is Take a Walk in the Park Day.  This is one of my favorite days because I live near one of the world's most famous parks, Central Park.  There's so much to see and do there.  Even if your park is a little one or if you're just taking a walk around your school's playground or your neighborhood, there's plenty to write about.
1.  I want to know what you see on your walk.  Do you see a cute dog?  A jittery squirrel?  Maybe flowers are blooming or kids are playing.  Listen to the sounds all around you.  Is it quite or loud.  Are there good smells or bad?  We can't wait to find out... I think!
2.  Draw a map of your park or wherever you took your walk.  Was it a straight line or a twisty, turny path?

Day 82:  March 31st
It's here!  She's Funny That Way Day!  We love anything with the word funny in it!
1.  Write a story about a girl or woman you think is fun or funny.  It can be anyone; a friend, sister, cousin, mom, aunt, grandma, teacher, librarian.  We mean anyone!
2.  Think of a famous girl or woman in history (even if she's not particularly funny) and find out more about her and why she is famous.  What was she like when she was a kid?  Then write about what you want to be when you grow up.  Oh, yeah, then send me your autograph in case you do become famous one day! :)

Day 81:  April 1st
Do I even have to tell you what day it is today?  Don't be foolish!
1.  What was your best April Fool's Day joke on your friends or family?  Write about it and how you thought it up.  If you've never played an April Fool's Day prank, think of one you'd like to try.  Hey, by nice, though.  Nothing mean or scary!
2.  Look up the story of how April Fool's Day began.  It's very old and you'll be surprised why it exists!

Day 80:  April 2nd
Today is International Childrens Book Day!  We love celebrating books and reading.  It's also National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day!  Wow, two of our favorite things! 
1.  Tell us about your favorite book.  Why do you like it so much?  Is it the story, or that fact that someone special gave it to you or read it with you?
2.  Can you make up a funny story about the day that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich took over the world?  I can think of a few sticky situations that would pose!!

Day 79:  April 3rd
Today is Find a Rainbow Day!  That's easy to do in Hawaii because there's one practically every day, but can you find one in your town?
1.  Imagine you find a rainbow and there's that proverbial pot of gold at the end!  What would you do with all that gold.  What if someone else found the gold before you?  Then what would you do?
2.  Find out how rainbows and double rainbows form here.

Day 78:  April 4th
We love librarians and today is School Librarian Day!  Let's celebrate!
1.  Write a letter to your school librarian to tell him or her how much you appreciate them.
2.  Write a story about a fun or interesting thing you learned from your school librarian.  Or write an imaginative story about how your librarian has a super power that helps you learn about great books and love reading!

Day 77:  April 5th
It's Easter!  We're celebrating with family, good food and fun.
1.  Write about a special day that your family celebrates together.  What do you do on that special day?  What traditions do you have?

Day 76:  April 6th
Sorry Charlie Day sounds like such a sad day, but we can turn it around! Remember how we turned a bad day or event into something good.
1.  Tell us the story of that time when you were disappointed over something.  Maybe you didn't make the team or you got a bad grade.  What did you do with that experience?  Did you learn from it and turn it around into something good?  Did you practice hard and make the team the next time?  Did you try another sport?  Did you study hard and improve your grade?  Don't be sorry, you can turn things around and be proud!

Day 75:  April 7th
Ah, yes, Caramel Popcorn Day!  That crunchy, sweet, and borderline healthy treat.  We love it around here!
1.  What's your favorite snack?  When you write about it, use your senses to tell the story.  What does it smell like and feel like in your mouth?  Do you hear the crunching in your ears?  Does it leave your fingers orange (we all know we're talking about Cheetos!).  Now I'm hungry!
2.  Ask mom or dad to help with a fun game using your senses.  Ask them to pick out certain items at home that you must identify using one of your senses (smell, touch, sight, hearing, taste).  See how good you are at identifying the items.  Then reverse the game and see how well mom or dad do!

Day 74: April 8th
Draw a Picture Day! Wait! What does that have to do with writing?  A whole lot! You know that saying, "A picture is worth 1,000 words"?  Well, sometimes pictures can give you great ideas for writing.
1.  Draw a picture, any picture.  You're the artist!  Silly, sad, abstract, whatever, it doesn't matter.  Then use that picture to make up a story.  Take us into the picture with your words.
2.  Make up a story using this picture.  What's going on here?  Are these two statues or two people? Hmmmmm?!

Day 73:  April 9th
Today is Favorite Word Day!  My favorite word is discombobulated!  What's yours?
1.  Write a story using your favorite word.  If you can, include my favorite word, too.
2.  Look up the meaning of these funny words:  finnimbrun, nudiustertian and pulveratricious
3.  Ask your friends and family what their favorite words are.  Make a list and try to write a story using all the words!

Day 72:  April 10th
It's National Siblings Day!  I love my brother and sister and I'm sure you love your siblings, too.  
1.  Today let's write about our siblings.  I know they can we weird sometimes or out-of-this-world silly so that should make for good writing.  Tell us what you like to do together or how they can be pests sometimes.  
2.  Check out the book trailer for my book A Reel Cool Summer and you'll get a good idea of how my kids are.   The book is based on them!  What if you made a movie with or about your siblings, what would it be about?  Lights, camera, action!

Day 71:  April 11th
So, technically, today is Barbershop Quartet Day, but I don't know how many kids know what that it. I've decided to change it into Write a Song Day because I love music and singing.  Just don't tell anyone I have a terrible singing voice!
1.  Write your own song.  I think I'll write one about spring because it's the first real springy day around here!  Your song doesn't have to be a big hit, it just has to be fun to sing.  Once you're done, get yourself an audience and sing away.  Ask your audience to each write their own song and perform it.  Make musical instruments out of things around the house and put together a band!  Make it a musical festival!  

Day 70:  April 12th
It's Act Up Day!  Not in a bad way.  In a fun way!  
1.  Write a play or movie with your friends, make costumes, put on makeup and put on a show.
2.  Check out the free script for kids, Mama Mia Can't Believe Her Ears on my website!

Day 69:  April 13th
Did you know that today is Scrabble Day?  Well, now you do!  Playing Scrabble is actually a great way to get your writing juices flowing.
1.  Play Scrabble with your family or friends.  At the end of the game, write down all the words on the board.  Now use them to write a story.  You'll have a new story every time you play!
2.  Before you play your game of Scrabble, have each person write down a three- four- or five-letter word.  Don't show anyone what you wrote.  At the end of the game, give a prize (a hug or a cookie will suffice) to the person who used your word in the game!  Or, take all the words that everyone wrote before the game and try to write a story together.   

Day 68:  April 14th
Today is Look Up at the Sky Day!  I love to look at the sky and daydream.  What's up there?  What are the birds doing?  What do clouds smell like?
1.  If you also ask yourself these questions, then look up at the sky, day or night, and write about it.  Do you see a shooting star?  Where is it going?  What do the clouds look like?  Can you imagine yourself riding on one?
2.  Now change it up.  Pretend you're in the sky.  What do Earth or other planets look like?  What does it feel like floating in space or being on another planet.  So many interesting things to write about! 

Day 67:  April 15th
I have to admit that today is a weird day.  It's Rubber Eraser Day!  Or maybe, in the world of electronics, it's Delete Button Day!  This can be the author's greatest tool, especially on those days when the words just don't come together very easily.
1.  Write a story about anything.  You pick the topic.  Don't be afraid to use your eraser or delete button on your computer when it doesn't sound right.  Sometimes it take a couple of times to get it just right.
2.  Write a very short story (just three or four sentences) or have a friend or family member write it.  Then, erase or delete every third word.  What does the story sound like now?  A little silly I would guess!

Day 66:  April 16th
Just because 66 is a number that is the same forward or backward, I'm declaring today Palindrome Day!  Do you know what a palindrome is? It's a word that is spelled the same forward and backward.
1.  Write a story using these palindromes:  pep, sis, level, toot, did, racecar, mom, dad, Bob, Ana, sees, did, aha, noon, kayak, wow.
2.  What other palindromes can you think of?  Ask your family and friends.  Watch out, they may think so hard that smoke will comes out of their ears!

Day 65:  April 17th
I'm super excited to be going to a Mets baseball game tonight so I've decided that today is Root for your Team Day!
1.  Tell us about your favorite team.  It can be a professional one, a local one or a school one.  Why do you like going to their games or matches and what kinds of fun things do you do to cheer them on.  Have you ever put on a rally cap or done the wave or sung the team song?  Do you eat special treats while at the game?  We want to hear all about it!
2.  Pretend you are the mascot for your favorite team.  What do you think it would be like to be in that costume and what kinds of things would you do to get the fans excited about the game?

Day 64:  April 18th
International Juggler's Day is today!  This isn't a good day for me unless I want to make others laugh by showing them what a terrible juggler I am.  How about you?  Are you a good juggler?
1.  Jugglers, tell us the story of how you started juggling, what you like to juggle and what you'd like to be able to juggle.  What are you thinking when you juggle?
2.  There's more than one way to be a juggler.  Some people juggle things like bowling pins and balls.  But, some of us juggle the many things in our lives.  Sometimes we have a long list of things to do in one day.  Pretend you had to do all these things in one day and write a story about how you would squeeze it all in.
     Get a haircut
     Clean your room
     Go to two birthday parties
     Do a science project for school
     Read a chapter in your book
     Play a basketball game with your friends
     Help mom or dad cut the grass
     Have a tea party with your little sister
I don't think there are enough hours in a day so you have to be creative!  Go! 

Day 63:  April 19th
Build Your Own City Day!  Imagine what you could do if you had a say in building your own city.  Would it be made up of ice cream parlors or movie theaters?  
1.  Plan out your very own city.  Design it any way you want it... under the sea, in the mountains, floating in the air.  It's up to you.  Wow us with your unique city!
2.  Draw a map of your city and highlight all the fun stuff to do there.  I hope there's an amusement park!

Day 62:  April 20th
We're celebrating If I could be an Animal Day.  What animal would you like to be.?  Are you squeaky like a mouse or tall like a giraffe?
1.  Write about what kind of animal you'd like to be.  What do you think you would do all day?  Would you live in a zoo or in the wild?  Would you be strong and mighty or cute and cuddly?
2.  What is your favorite book about an animal and why?

Day 61:  April 21st

It's Kindergarten Day!  Are you in Kindergarten this year, or were you many, many years ago?

1.  Write a story about being in Kindergarten.  My favorite part of being in Kindergarten was that my teacher played the piano in class and the kids got to sing.  How fun!  Tell us what you liked, who your friends were and what you did all day.  I remember taking naps, too!

2.  Find a picture of yourself when you were in Kindergarten and compare it to what you look like now.  Describe the changes you've gone through inside and out and how it feels to be the age you are now.

Day 60:  April 22nd
So sweet!  Today is National Jelly Bean Day!  What do you think of when you hear jelly beans?  Easter or Halloween?  Any day can be Jelly Bean Day, but probably not everyday, right?
1.  Tell us your jelly bean story.  Do you like them or hate them?  What's your favorite color jelly bean?  When do you like to eat them.  Do you share them or keep them all to yourself?
2.  If you could make a jelly bean in any flavor, what would it be and why?

Day 59:  April 23rd
Today is Take Your Child to Work Day.  Hey, kids work hard enough at school every day, now they have to go to big people work, too?!
1.  If you're going to work with your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt or a family friend today, write about your experience.  What did you learn about having to go to work?  Did you like the job, or know for sure you would rather do something else.  Then, write about the person who took you to work today.  How do they help you do a good job in school and decide what you want to do when you're an adult.
2.  If you didn't get an opportunity to go to work today, write about what your ideal job would be and why.  What do you think you'll need to do to get that job?  If you know someone who does that job, write about them and how they are a part of your life and how they help and encourage you.

Day 58:  April 24th
This is a good one!  It's Pigs in a Blanket Day!  Now THAT'S super yummy and reminds me of when I was little and we would make them at home.  Of course, we would experiment with other foods in a blanket.  I'm Cuban and we loved eating guava paste in our home, so we would make guava paste in a blanket, too!  Now my tummy is growling!
1.  Do you like pigs in a blanket?  Tell us why.  Maybe you don't like to eat them but you love making them.  Why would that be?  Or, maybe your family is like mine and you've experimented with other foods in a blanket.  Tell us about how you came up with the idea and if it turned out delicious or not so great.
2.  Imagine that we're talking about a real pig in a blanket.  What do you think he's doing in that blanket?  Maybe it makes him feel safe or he just wants to be warm.  What do the other animals think about this piggy and his blanket.  Use your imagination!

Day 57:  April 25th
Today is National Penguin Day!  Aw, they're so cute and all dressed up in their tuxedos, too!
1.  Imagine what it would be like to be a penguin sliding around in the snow on your belly for fun!  Or swimming and fishing in the ocean. Or just waddling around with friends!
2.  See what the penguins are up to on the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Penguin Cam.    

Day 56:  April 26th 
National Pretzel Day?  Okay, I'm in!  I love buying a pretzel from a street vendor on the streets on New York City, but I think our writing prompt for today should be more fun than just eating a pretzel, don't you?
1.  Write a story about a super twisty you.  You can twist yourself into a pretzel or anything else.  What would you do with this unique power?  Save the world by twisting yourself around some bad guys?  Or would you rather use your twisty power for fun and silliness?  

Day 55:  April 27th
This is so perfect!  Today is Tell a Story Day and of course we're ready with all these writing prompts!
1.  Let's get to it.  Tell us your story.  Are you the main character or the writer using his or her incredible imagination to make up strange worlds and interesting characters?  Everyone has a story or two or 10 inside them.  Let's get them on paper... or at least on the computer.  Have fun! 

Day 54:  April 28th
It's International Astronomy Day.  Hooray for planets and stars and comets, oh my!
1.  Imagine that you're an astronomer and your job is to find new planets, stars, solar systems and more.  Where would you look and what do you think these new planets or solar systems would look like.  Would you try to travel there and see what they're made of?  What would you name them?  Go on an adventure to space with your super imagination!
2.  Check out all the cool astronomy information on the website Kids

Day 53:  April 29th
Oh, no!  A have a blank space on my holiday list for today!  What to do?  Make one up, of course!  I declare today My Dream Day Day!
1.  What would be your dream day?  Would you stay in bad and be super lazy or would you get up early and take advantage of everything the day has to offer?  Would you try something new or do something familiar; something you love to do?  Maybe one day you'll be able make your dream day come true!   

Day 52:  April 30th

Is it really Hairstyle Appreciation Day?  I think that's my new favorite holiday!  I love looking at old pictures and seeing what hairstyles were all the rage way back when. 

1.  Imagine you could do anything with your hair.  What would you do?  Color it?  Spike it?  Hairspray it into a weird shape?  Go all-out with your ideas... on paper that is!

Day 51:  May 1st:
It's Mother Goose Day!  Do you remember nursery rhymes?  It was fun to learn and recite them when you were little, right?
1.  Think carefully about your favorite nursery rhyme.  What do you think it really mean?  Does it make sense?  Can you add a few more lines to make it make sense or just to make it longer?
2.  The Mother Goose nursery rhymes were written many, many years ago.  Make your own modern or futuristic nursery rhymes.  What will they include, a computer perhaps or a spaceship?   

Day 50:  May 2nd:
We're half-way through our countdown!  Summer is getting closer and closer every day.  I'm very excited about that so let's write about it!
1.   School's out and it's time to take a break.  What would be the best summer every?  Would it be going to summer camp, going on a vacation with your family, swimming every day?  Use descriptive words so we can feel like we're enjoying your best summer, too.

Day 49:  May 3rd
Um, this is a weird holiday.  Lumpy Rug Day!  That's a new one for me, but I'm always up for writing about anything, especially if it's silly!
1.  You walk into a room and see a lumpy rug.  It's not a little lump, it's a BIG one.  What could be under there?  Use your imagination to tell us what it is and how it got there.

Day 48:  May 4th
Today is Write Together Day!  That's a holiday I made up because it's always fun to write stories with your friends or family.  Two or three or four heads are better (and sometimes sillier) than one!
1.  Get together with your friends after school or with your family after dinner and write a story about anything.  Here's the catch, your story must include the following words:  turtle, rainbow, sweet, jumping, discombobulated, speedy and purple.  Good luck and have fun!

Day 47:  May 5th
Today is National Teachers' Day.  We love our teachers and that means our teachers in school, our moms and dads who are our first teachers, and our homeschool parents who do double-duty!  Thank you all for helping our kids learn and grow!
1.  Write a story about your favorite teacher.  Why was he or she your favorite and how did they help make learning fun or interesting.
2.  Make up a story about a great teacher.  Here are the first few sentences to get you started.  It's from a MadLib prompt that I made up for one of my school visits with kids in Connecticut about a year ago.  Here we go:   

Let me tell you about the best school in the world.  Our teachers are awesome!  They let us swim from desk to desk whenever we want.  It makes class very interesting, but I think, sometimes, they wish we would just jump to our desks instead.

Day 46:  May 6th
It's School Nurses Day!  Hey, everyone gets a boo-boo or a tummy ache from time-to-time, right?  And somehow they always make you feel better!  
1.  Make up a crazy story about how the school nurse comes to the rescue when everyone in the school has a tummy ache.  She's going to need some super powers to make everyone feel better.  Or maybe she has a secret potion to cure the whole school!

Day 45:  May 7th
I love when the holiday is a food day!  It's Macaroni Day!  I love macaroni because you can eat it hot or cold or make artwork out of it!
1.  Today let's write a story about that time we woke up and looked in the mirror and our hair had turned to macaroni during the night.  What?!?!  Yes, I said that our hair had turned into macaroni.  What will we do?  How will our friends react?

Day 44:  May 8th
It's No Socks Day and that's great because, honestly, who doesn't have a story about stinky feet?!
1.  Write a story about that time when you forgot to put socks on and when you got to school everyone could smell your sticky feet right through your shoes.

Day 43:  May 9th
Lost Sock Memorial Day is when we remember the socks that are gone but not forgotten.
1.   Write a silly story about a pair of favorite socks and the adventures you happen to have every time you wear them.  And how your life changes when you lose them.  Will it be a happy ending or a sad one?  You decide.

Day 42:  May 10th
Happy Mother's Day to all the awesome moms, grandmas, stepmoms and anyone who has been a mom to a child who really needed one!
1.  Write about your mom or a person in your life who has been like a mom to you.  Tell us all about her and why you love her.

Day 41:  May 11th
Eat What You Want Day is here!  I want pizza!  What do you want?
1.  Write a story about a day when mom or dad said you could eat what you want.  Tell us all the foods you ate and why you chose them.  Will you end up with a tummy ache at the end of your story, or did you choose your foods well?

Day 40:  May 12th
Today is Rhyming Day?  No way!  That's what they say.  Okay!
1.  Write a short story or poem today.  It's not easy writing in rhyme, but give it a try, even if it's just a few sentences.  A great way to start is to think of words that rhyme first, then make up the story around those words.  

Day 39:  May 13th
Jump Like a Frog Day is here!  I've been waiting for it all year!
1.  Imagine if instead of walking, people jumped like frogs.  Our lives would be so different!  Write a story about what one day would be like if you had to jump everywhere.

Day 38:  May 14th
It's Dance Like a Chicken Day!  I may have to change my favorite holiday to this one!
1.  Today let's write about the time a genie-in-training granted you one wish and your wish was to fly like an eagle.  Well, this genie's powers weren't quite what experienced genies' powers are and instead he made you dance like a chicken.  Go!

Day 37:  May 15th
It's National Chocolate Chip Day!  This is a dangerous day for me because I could eat chocolate chips all day!  I shouldn't and I won't, but in an imaginary world, I probably could!
1.  Write a story about what happened when every food had chocolate chips in it.  Sure chocolate chip pancakes and cookies are delicious, but what about chocolate chip hamburgers or pizza?  I'll let you decide.

Day 36:  May 16th
It's Love a Tree Day.  We loved Oaky.  Why?  Because it gave us great shade and a place to put a homemade swing.  It's the tree in my book A Reel Cool Summer!
1.  Do you have a favorite tree at home or in the park that you like to climb.  Maybe you'd rather sit in its shade and read a book or have a picnic.  Tell us about your favorite tree.

Day 35:  May 17th 
The _______ Under the Bed Day.  Oh, I like this one.  Is it scary or exciting?  I can think of many possibilities.
1.  Tell us the story of something scary under the bed.  Is it scary scary or stinky scary?  See, if can go either way.
2.  Or tell us the story of something exciting under the bed.  Maybe it's a special present for someone or just a big surprise.

Day 34:  May 18th
A Day in the Life of Laundry.  I have to admit that this is a weird one, but if you use your imagination, you can write a cool story.
1.  Imagine that the characters in your story are different dirty laundry items in a hamper.  What stories do you think they will tell eachother about how they got dirty?  What story will the t-shirt have to tell about the ketchup stain, or the socks about all the mud he's got on him?  What happens as they get put in the washer and then the dryer, and then the dresser drawers?

Day 33:  May 19th
Your Wish is Granted Day.  What would you ask for?  This is tricky so be careful.
1.  Imagine that you receive a mysterious letter in the mail.  Someone wants to grant you a wish.  All you have to do is write your wish on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope and put it under your pillow at night.  Tell us what you wished for and what happened when your wish came true.

Day 32:  May 20th
You're a Millionaire Day!  Who doesn't want to be a millionaire, right?
1.  A person has just come up to you on the street and given you a million dollars.  You can do whatever you want with it but you have to give $1,000 to five other people.  Which five people would you give the $1,000 to and why?

Day 31:  May 21st
The Future is Now Day!  Are you ready for the future?
1.  Pretend that you wake up and it's not 2015 anymore, it's 2115.  What do you think the world will be like in 100 years?  Write about a typical day for a kid in the future.

Day 30:  May 22nd
I'm Stuck in a Musical Day.  Have you ever been to a musical?  If you have, you know that there's some acting and some singing and dancing.  It's nothing like real life, until today.
1.  Imagine that you're stuck in a musical.  One minute you're talking to your mom about breakfast and they next thing you know, she's singing a song about bacon and eggs.  It's going to be a weird day, trust me.  What other silly songs will you encounter today?  Will your teacher sing AND dance the lesson about dinosaurs or will your best friend break into song while you're playing baseball?

Day 29:  May 23rd  
It's Lucky Penny Day!  But will it be luck for you?
1.  You find a penny on your way to school.  You're so convinced that it's lucky, that great things start to happen to you.  Unfortunately, your good luck means bad luck for your friend.  Oh, no!  What will you do about it.

Day 28:  May 24th
The Day the Tooth Fairy Lost Her Tooth.  Put on your thinking caps because this is going to require some super imagination.
1.  The Tooth Fairy has been leaving money under kids' pillows all her life, but she's never actually lost a tooth herself... until today!  Who will leave money under her pillow?  Will kids need to come together to help?  Who knows?

Day 27:  May 25th
Today is Memorial Day.  It's the day when we honor and remember all who have died to protect the United States of America.  It's a sad day in many ways, but it's important to remember the sacrifices that others have made so that we can live our lives in freedom and without fear.  Most of the stories we hear today aren't really about the sad part, but about how great those people were.
1.  Today let's write about a person who you think is great.  It can be anyone you know, or someone you've read or heard about.  What makes that person a great person great?

Day 26:  May 26th
Talk to the Animals Day.  How fun would that be?
1.  What if one day you were out playing with your friends and all of a sudden you could understand what a dog was saying when he barked or what a bird was saying when she chirped?  What a surprise that would be!  Now write about that day when you could talk to the animals.

Day 25:  May 27th
1.  This one should be easy to write.  Imagine there's a new mayor in town and he's outlawed anything that's fun, like water slides, hide-and-seek, movies, everything that's fun.  What will everyone do?  How can they convince this mean mayor to change his mind?  Only you have the answers!

Day 24:  May 28th
You're the Chef Day!  And in your own restaurant, too!
1.  You have your own restaurant.  First, you have to give it a name, then you have to decide what's on the menu.  Make a menu on your computer or using crayons, paints or colored pencils.  Moms and dads can help you make a dinner or a few items from your menu and then you can turn your kitchen or dining room into your restaurant and serve the delicious item or meal to your family.  Can I come over and taste?

Day 23:  May 29th
Secret Agent Day is here!  Who is the secret agent?  You are of course!
1.  As a secret agent, you have to keep a file about the special case you're working on, The Case of the Missing Cupcake.  You can do this on a computer or in a notebook.  Today is your first day on the case.  You've been informed that this missing cupcake contains a secret code that can save the world from the mean, evil Mr. Carrot who doesn't wank kids eating cupcakes.  What an adventure this will be as you chase bad guys around the world.  Where will your adventure take you?  Who will you encounter?

Day 22:  May 30th
Dream Field Trip Day.  I wish my teachers had let me pick which field trips I wanted to go on!
1.  Imagine that your teacher walks in one day and tells your class that together you get to pick a place to go to for a field trip.  Did she just lose her mind?  It sounds like it to me!  Where do you think your class would chose to go?  Once you decide where to go, write the story of that awesome field trip... or does it turn out not quite as well as you thought?  Make it an adventure!

Day 21:  May 31st
Walk on Your Hands Day.  I can't actually walk on my hands, but I can surely imagine what it's like!
1.  Even if you can't walk on your hands, you can write about what you think it would be like.  How do things look like when your eyes are so close to the ground?  What do you see and hear that you might miss when you walk on your feet?  I think I'm going to see a lot of dust bunnies under the couch!

Day 20:  June 1st
Flip a Coin Day.  Do you flip a coin with friends to see who will go first when you play a game or what fun thing you should do together?  It's a great way to figure what what to do with no disagreements.
1.  You and your friend each want to do something different.  You decide to flip a coin.  You ask your mom for a coin.  She reaches into her purse and gives one to you.  You and your friend each chose a side, heads or tails.  You throw the coin in the air and it falls on the ground.  When you move in close to see which side it lands on, there's no heads or tails, but a strange message on it.  What is the message and what happens to you and your friend?  This could be spooky or an awesome adventure!

Day 19:  June 2nd
National Rocky Road Day!  I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
1.  Imagine that you and your friend go to your neighborhood ice cream parlor to get your favorite flavor, Rocky Road.  When you get there the lights are off and the door is locked.  There's a sign on the door that reads, "Ice cream is gross, now go away!"  You know something is wrong because Mrs. Marigold, the owner would never say or write something so terrible.  It's a mystery and you and your friend must solve it before National Rocky Road Day is over!  Good luck!

Day 18:  June 3rd
It's Repeat Day!  It's Repeat Day!  Did I say that twice?
1.  What if one day you discovered that you had a special power.  If you say the word REPEAT right after you do something, that action would be repeated every day.  That means you would be able to make your bed, say REPEAT and the next day the bed would magically be made as soon as you got up. What would you chose to be repeated everyday?

Day 17:  June 4th
What do You See Day.  Everyone sees things differently.
1.  Write a story about what you see in this picture.  I see several interesting things!

Day 16:  June 5th
It's National Doughnut Day!  Doughnuts are such a special treat.  They aren't something you get to each every day and there are so many flavors and toppings!
1.  It's time to create your favorite doughnut flavor!  Will it have a filling?  Icing?  Sprinkles?  Give us all the details please.

Day 15:  June 6th
Message in a Bottle Day.  I'm going to make you work a little harder on this one than on all the others.
1.  Pretend you're at the beach with your family and suddenly a bottle gets washed up onto the sand by a big wave.  You open it up and there's a letter inside.  It's from a boy or girl (you decide) and he or she has written about what his or her life is like in the year 1899.  With mom or dad's help, research on-line or in the library what life was like in 1899, then you write the story of the boy or girl's life.
2.  What would you write about what life is like today if you were to put a message in a bottle for someone to find in the future?  Write the letter and save it for your kids or grandkids to read some day.
Day 14:  June 7th
It's Alphabet Soup Day.  I loved eating alphabet soup when I was a little kiddo.  I always tried to find secret messages in my soup!
1.  You're eating alphabet soup and suddenly a message appears in your bowl.  This is one magical soup!  The message reads GO FIND YOUR FUNNY BONE.  What does that mean?  I think I know.  It means go find out what makes you laugh or smile.  Write about the things that make you happy and why they do.

Day 13:  June 8th
It's Best Friends Day!  My best friend is Bego!  She's an awesome mom, wife, teacher and author!
1.  Write about your best friend and the things you do together.  What's the best thing about your best friend.  We want to get to know him or her so use awesome adjectives!

Day 12:  June 9th
Word Jumble Day!  I love word jumbles.  They really make you use your brain!
1.  Here are a few word jumbles.  First, try to figure out what the words are, then write a story using all the words in any order that you want.
eci aercm

Day 11:  June 10th
World Culture Day.  Today let's learn about a different culture.  I was born in Cuba and there you speak a different language and celebrate different holidays.
1.  Learn about a different culture on-line, by looking at books in the library, or my favorite, by interviewing someone from a different culture as yours.  You'll learn many interesting facts.  Write a story about that culture and how it's different and the same from yours.  Then write about your favorite things about both cultures.

Day 10:  June 11th
National Corn on the Cob Day.  This is a great summery holiday, don't you think?  I love corn on the cob... and many other foods as you can see by all the food related writing prompts!  When I eat corn on the cob I think of summer and picnics.
1.  Pretend you're an ant and there are people all around your park having picnics.  Write a story about all the different foods you see and maybe get a nibble of a few before the people notice you.  Imagine how the world would seem from the point of view of an ant and write about how you see things from way down there.

Day 9:  June 12th

Gesuntite Day is here!  Why am I excited?  Because I have another silly idea for a story.  Have you ever heard the word gesuntite?  It’s what some people say when you sneeze and it's used to with you good health. 

1.  Your sick and feeling pretty lousy.  Your head hurts, you throat is sore and your nose is runny. Yuck!  The doctor says to get rest and drink plenty of orange juice.  Sneezes are coming one after the other and suddenly you sneeze so hard that you go flying into the air.  Hey, this isn’t so bad after all.  You’ve invented sneeze travel… sort of!  It’s time to imagine where your sneezes will take you.  Aaah, aaah, aaah chooooo and you fly to the movie theatre.  Aaah, aaah, aaah chooooo and you fly to the museum.  Where will your sneezes take you next?  Write away!

Day 8:  June 13th
Scavenger Hunt Day!  Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt, especially on a nice day?

1.  Get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  Bring a couple of friends (and an adult to stay safe) along for a scavenger hunt.  Try to find as many items as possible then write a story together using the items to give you ideas.  Or you can write a story about the adventure you had finding the items.  Look for:

A blue car
A house with a front porch
An unusual mailbox
A cat or a dog
A garbage can
A picket fence
A poster on a telephone or light post
A man with a mustache
A woman with red hair
A baby in a stroller
A tree with fruit
A sprinkler
A yard ornament (like a flamingo, a pinwheel or a gnome)
A for sale sign on a car or a home
A bird’s nest

Day 7:  June 14th
It's Flag Day in the USA and we celebrate our beautiful Stars and Stripes or Old Glory is it's sometimes referred to.  You can find out more about the history of our flag here.

1.  If you could have a flag just for you, what would it look like and how would it represent who you are?  After you've written about it in detail, draw your flag and hang it up in your room.

Day 6:  June 15th
Smile Power Day is awesome!  Smiles have so much power.  They are contagious and they make you and other people feel better.  You're going to have to work hard at this writing prompt.
1.  There's a grumpy old man who lives in your neighborhood who never smiles.  No one really knows why.  One day, you and two friends decide that you're going to make him smile if it's the last thing you do.  What silly, wacky, crazy things would you try to do to make him smile.  Maybe he has no funny bone so you have to think of a different way to make him smile.  Think carefully about this one.  That smile may come from a place you wouldn't expect!

Day 5:  June 16th
Love a Bug Day.  Eeeeeeeek!  I'm usually afraid of bugs, except for super cute ladybugs or fireflies.  How about you?  Do you think you could love a bug?
1.  Write a story about a creepy crawly bug.  Describe your bug and why you love or don't love it.  Does it give you the shivers or make you happy when you collect them in a jar?  You can even make up your own brand new bug!

Day 4:  June 17th
Eat Your Vegetables Day is here.  I have to admit that when I was a kid I didn't always like to eat my vegetables.  I know some kids LOVE veggies and others don't.  The awesome thing about veggies is that they are so colorful, on yeah, and they are good for you!
1.  Imagine you're a vegetable. Pick a veggie, any veggie.  You're sitting on a little kid's plate and he's just moving you around from side to side, trying to avoid eating you.  Now imagine you can talk to the little kid.  Try to convince him or her to eat you and your buddies on the plate.  What tricks would you try.  Make your story as wacky as you want to!

Day 3, June 18th
National Splurge Day!  Do you know what splurge means?  It means treat yourself to something good, like an extra helping of your favorite food.  Or treat someone to a little extra something, like give mom an extra few hugs or throw the baseball with dad a little longer than usual.
1.  If you could treat yourself to something extra that you usually don't get to have or do, what would it be and why?
2.  If you could treat someone to something extra or that they usually don't get to have or do, what would it be and why?

Day 2, June 19th
We're Down to the Wire Day!  It's almost summer and I can't wait!  Just two more days!
1.  Pretend you are a bird sitting on a wire looking down on everything that's happening on the street.  Write a story about how it feels to be up there.  What do you see?  Who is passing by and what are they doing?  What are you talking to the other birds about?  What makes you so scared that you want to fly away.  Give us the birds eye view!

Day 1:  June 20th
Ice Cream Man Day!  I live in New York City and in the summer there are many, many ice cream trucks calling my name.  I see the pretty pictures of the different ice creams and I just want to eat them all.  But, that's not good for your tummy.  I like to imaging I'm the ice cream man, making everyone happy with my chilly treats.
1.  Imagine you're the ice cream man.  What flavors would you have in your truck?  What names would you give each one.  Would you sell super twirly ice cream in a cone or ice cream on a stick?  What would be the name of your ice cream truck?  Oh, I wish I were an ice cream man... um, woman!

Day 0:  June 21st
Happy Father's Day and Happy Summer!  We made it.  We wrote and wrote and wrote for 100 days.  That's incredible.  I'm so proud of you.  Just one more thing to write about, or maybe two.
1.  Write about your dad or grandpa or uncle or Godfather.  We love dads and we want to know why you love yours and the other men in your family who take such good care of you.  And don't forget to tell dad, too, because he needs to hear it from you.  Happy Father's Day to all the awesome dads out there!
2.  Summer is here...finally!  Do you have a vacation planned or are you just going to enjoy being home for the summer and chilling out?  Is there a summer camp in your future?  Tell us everything you'd like to do this summer, whether it's being a little lazy from time to time or going non-stop until school starts back up. 

Have a great summer, kiddos, and come back anytime to do the writing prompts you may have missed.  It's been fun getting here together.  Don't forget to keep writing all summer long, even if it's just a little bit every day.  It'll keep your brain fresh for the next school year!

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What I did on My Summer Vacation
The best summer vacation ever started when my family and I (past tense verb) on a/an (animal) and headed to the beach.  There we saw a group of kids making a sand sculpture using a bucket, a shovel, and some (vegetable).  They let us join in the fun and when we were done, we had made the most (adjective) (noun) I've ever seen.
A few weeks later, my parents made me go to Camp (color) (noun).  I thought it was going to be boring, but once I met my new friends (girl's name that starts with the letter A) Asteroid and (boy's name that starts with the letter N) Nebula from (planet), I knew it was going to be fun.  Our favorite thing at camp was when we gathered around the campfire and ate (adjective) (food) out of (shape) (plural noun).
Finally, my cousin and I went to the movies to watch The Day the (noun) Stood Still.  The 3-D effects were awesome!  We (past tense verb) out of our seats every time the (adjective) (fruit) came off the screen toward us.  I don't think we'll ever see a movie as (adjective) as that one as long as we live.
That's what I did on my summer vacation.  What did you do?


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    1. Hi Bonnie! Thanks for stopping by from the #kidlitbloghop. That's a fun place! And thank you for pinning my post, too. We're tired of winter up here in NY, so summer can't come fast enough! I hope the kiddos are having fun with the writing prompts! Have you seen my silly pictures for the countdown? Check them out here:

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    1. Hi Stacie! I'm so glad you stopped by! Oh, boy, I remember those learning-to-drive days with my kids. My knuckles are still white! I'm sure you're a good teacher and they'll do well. Enjoy your summer! Did you notice how we're skipping right over spring? That's how it is around here... silly!

    2. I just want a car with a passenger side brake! One of my sons said his goal is to get me to stop holding on while he drives...haha!

    3. I'm with you on that one. You'll definitely lose at least a couple of years of your life during the teenage kids driving years! :)

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  8. Hi Martha. I'm visiting from KidLit blog hop. Thanks for sending me to look up the history of April Fool's Day! I think we'll talk about it around the dinner table tonight. We had fun this morning pulling silly pranks on each other - the best one was the giant plastic cockroach my son put in my husband's cereal bowl.

    1. Hi Heather!
      Thank you for coming by to take a look at our writing prompts. I was surprised about the history of April Fool's Day. Were you? Let me know how it goes around the dinner table tonight. I hope your hubby doesn't have any other surprises in store for his dinner! Cockroaches, yuck!!

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