Thursday, August 11, 2011

Everybody's Doing it: Blogging, I Mean - An Intro of Sorts

I’m jumping in!  I know what you’re thinking because I’m thinking it, too.  That mom voice inside my head is asking, “So, if everybody jumps off the George Washington Bridge, are you just going to jump in after them?”  Well, the answer to actually jumping off the George Washington Bridge would be, “NO!”  But I think this is a little different, mom voice inside my head!

I am a brand new self-published picture book author who is doing it all on her own (with amazing support from family and friends).  It seems that all the “how to” articles, books and blogs about writing and publishing encourage authors to blog.  It’s a way for readers to get to know the author and for the author to get to know her audience.  Aside from Twitter  and Facebook, blogging seems to be the thing to do.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of people can’t be wrong.  Can they?

So, here I am.  A newbie to writing, publishing, tweeting, facebooking (is that a word?) and now blogging.  If it all turns out to be a minor disaster I’ll be happy.  Anything better than a minor disaster will be gravy! And that gravy will be beyond delicious because it will have pieces of bacon in it.  Did I mention that I love bacon?  I’ll tell you more about that later.

I will do my best to present interesting and funny subjects that will have you coming back for more and telling your friends about it (that’s your cue to tell your friends about it).  I will blog about my experience as a first-time writer and publisher, about books I enjoy and recommend for children and adults, about literacy, about being a mom, wife, sister, aunt, friend, daughter and about subjects that you suggest.  I look forward to meeting you here.  Please let me know if you have something you want to chat about.

Oh, yes, and buy my book here, please!

Until next time… stay cool!


Interesting fact via Duolit:  There are 120,000 blogs created and over 1.4 million blog posts published every day (1,400,001 now).  Thank you for stopping by mine.  I really appreciate it!


  1. Great start indeed, filled with wit and information needed to know your background. Heck, I know at least three or four people who would love your book so I'll do my part to pass it along.

    I think you can blog well if you are consistent like this. I look forward to reading more!

  2. Hi Martha, got your message on JF. Great blog start! Of course I'll recommend your book to whomever I can.... Mmmmm a BLT sandwich. I'm guessing you "liked" bacon too on Facebook. Take care :)

  3. Thanks Paul! Yes a BLT is my favorite sandwich! How did you know? Thanks for helping me spread the word on the book. I appreciate it!

  4. Thanks LeiffyV! But what do you really want from me with all those nice comments? No, just kidding. I appreciate the feedback! Thanks for helping me spread the word!!

  5. Hi!

    Twitter told me to say it :)

  6. Here to reply (belatedly) to your visit to my author from via Story Damn. Great to meet you. It's great starting a blog isn't it? I have 3 now. Keeping them going has proved to be a much more difficult job however :)