Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back to our Youth; Authors Playing Tag

A few days ago I received a tweet from my friend and fellow indie author, Patricia Paris.  Patricia is a lovely lady and my virtual-sash-wearing sister (sorry, inside joke!).  She is a romance author who has published several five-star books and has at least one more in the works.  Please visit her on Twitter @PatriciaParis1 and on her blog at http://patriciaeparis.com/wordpress/?p=221. 

Although I ran as quickly as I could, her tweet tagged me in a game of Lucky 7 Meme.  She must have heard from my other author friend, Scott Bury, (@ScottTheWriter) that I'm slow... a slow runner, I mean.

Okay, I'll play.  Here are the rules:
1.  Go to page 77 of your current WIP (work in progress).
2. Go to line seven.
3.  Copy down the next seven lines or sentences as written and post them to your blog or website.
4.  Tag seven authors.
5.  Let them know they've been tagged.

I don't have 77 pages in my book yet so I decided to go to page 7 for my lines.  These are from my WIP (untitled), a middle-grade fiction that I hope to release sometime this summer. 

"That's okay Mrs. Mays, we can't stay very long.  Scotty and I have a mystery to solve."

"Oh, that sounds very exciting, boys!  What kind of mystery?" she asks.

"Didn't you hear about Barnaby Q. Percival?  I don't wait for her answer.  "He's gone and he left his squeaky toy behind."

"Well that's not like Barnaby at all; that mutt wouldn't take two steps without that slobbered-up old thing."

Because I write for children, I've decided to tag seven indie children's book authors who are fellow members of The Independent Author Network.  Tag, you're it!  Now write a blog post using the rules listed above.  Don't forget to tag seven other authors.  Have fun!

David Anthony

Pauline Brasch

Bill Breckenridge

C. A. Chicoine

Cindy Meyers-Hanson

D. Robert Pease

Susan Ross

I look forward to reading your seven lines!

Until then... stay cool!



  1. Oh, what fun Martha. I know your WIP will be as wonderful and fun for kids as A Reel Cool Summer! Thanks for playing Lucky 7, we're all just kids at heart, eh?!

    1. Thanks Patricia! It was fun playing Lucky 7. I'm excited about writing my new book and hope the kids will enjoy it.

      Kids rule (even us grown-up kids)!

  2. Hey Martha - great excerpt. Very intriguing. So glad that your new book is progressing nicely:))

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jane. I'm having so much fun writing it but it is scary putting it out there (even just 7 lines) before it's done!