Thursday, May 2, 2013

You Might be a Perfectly Imperfect Mom if...

You might be a perfectly imperfect mom if...

As your daughter gets out of the car at school you discover that, in the morning rush, you forgot to put her shoes on.  But, according to her, it's the best day of Kindergarten so far because you spent the day with her as the class went on a pretend airplane trip, complete with an actual pilot, and your pretend flight attendant skills were great.  Apparently, you're an expert at handing out snacks and filling drink orders and that's all that counts to a five-year-old!

To tease your teenage son, you secretly write a little love note on his lunch bag one day.  You're sure to hear him complain about it as soon as he walks through the door later.  Instead, he gets home from school and tells you that his friends got a huge kick out of it.  So, you write on his lunch bag every day for an entire year of high school and, miraculously, he doesn't hate your guts!
You encourage your child to be the bigger person when another person is being hurtful.  It pains you because he's having a tough time, but you're sure he'll come out the better for it in the end.  When things don't work out quite as you had hoped, you know the exact time to step in and fight for him, even if Mr. Jones looks like the type of guy who, as we always say, "can break you in half!"
Hey, even the most beautiful, perfect diamonds have imperfections, so why can't moms? 
May is a month for celebrating moms and those precious little ones who gave us that honorable title.  One of the ways I'm celebrating is by donating all May proceeds from my three children's books to National Right to Life.  My numbers are small but every penny counts in the fight for each and every precious life.  I hope you'll join me.
To all perfectly imperfect moms, Happy Mother's Day!  And, to moms who have lost their perfect little ones, may you have peace in your heart this Mother's Day.
Let me share one more.  I hope you'll share some of yours here, too.      
You write "To Pamela Ping" on the invitation envelope to your child's fifth birthday party when the girl you're trying to invite is named Penelope.  You've only been in the United States for two years, have never heard the name, and are afraid to ask because you don't think you'll be understood through your thick Cuban accent.  It makes your daughter happy to see her friend at the party and Penelope thinks her new name is silly!  My mom and I laugh about it still!  I love you Mimi.  Happy Mother's Day to the most perfect mom in the world!
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