Friday, June 21, 2013

2 + 2 = Summer Reading Fun!

Math is fun and summer reading is the new math.  Well, it is in our wacky little world!

Just in time for summer, my children's picture book, A Reel Cool Summer, turns two and I've decided a celebration is in order. 

Thru July 21, 2013, when you purchase the paperback edition of A Reel Cool Summer for the special price of $2, you will receive, for free, Kindle copies (.mobi files) of my books, Smell My Feet! and What About Barnaby?!

Click here to buy. 

So, my math does add up after all:  $2 + 2 free books does = Summer Reading Fun!

Here's another number.  1,000,000!  That's how many thanks I'm sending to you for purchasing my books.  I hope the kiddos enjoy them.  And another 1,000,000 thanks to the teachers and librarians who have invited me into their classrooms to chat with students about my publishing journey and to just be silly together.  I've had a blast!

Happy Birthday to A Reel Cool Summer and Happy First Day of Summer to all of you.  Have a safe one.

As always... stay cool!


P.S.  For more summer fun, try these writing prompts for kids.  And try Mama Mia Can't Believe Her Ears, a silly (and free) script.  Now kids can make a movie just like Joey, Danny, and Jacqui did in A Reel Cool Summer!

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